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With our keypads in their hands, you'll know what's on their minds.

The ladies of the LPGA participate in an audience response event from Ultimate Game ShowAudience Response Service (ARS) is one of the most important elements you can incorporate into your event. With everyone in your group holding a wireless keypad from Ultimate Audience Response™you will know exactly what your attendees are thinking. This valuable service can be used for product knowledge review, electronic brainstorming, real-time opinion polls, etc.

It is a tragic statistic that at the typical business meeting, three times more money is spent on food and beverages than is spent to deliver the meeting's message and content. How can a sandwich or bagel be three times more important than the purpose of the meeting? This just doesn't make any sense! The unfortunate result is that your messages are lost and of course the meal is quickly forgotten.

The Ultimate Audience Response™ team believes that your group deserves better than that! We understand that you want maximum return on your meeting investment. That's exactly what we provide! Studies have shown that groups who utilize interactive audience response keypads as part of their training program score 32% better on exams than those who don't. It has also been shown that their retention of the information is more than 30% greater when follow up tests were administered several weeks later.

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 Audience Response Services (ARS) from Ultimate Game Show


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